Motorola Moto X Play Features, Best Price and Full Specifications


Motorola has started its journey from general instruments to smartphones, tablets, networking systems, wireless broadband networks, and many other electronic communication devices that have been trendsetters current in telecommunications panel. Motorola implemented the handset division with the ability of design and technology into the communication industry. We can say, Motorola was a pioneer in the handset category with the wireless technology devices such as flip handsets and cell phones. In the Communication sector, Motorola solutions have a huge number of electronic products that have created history. It was started in Chicago and was enhanced with the radio receivers involved in public services.


Technology upgraded

Motorola continuously upgrades its operating systems, configuration, gaming, and other inbuilt features with the latest technology. The technology of smartphones has an unlimited application, specifically in Motorola. Features and performance-wise, Motorola has a unique journey in technology travel. Motorola smartphones with high-speed performance are widely involved with user’s daily life. Technically, every smartphone company’s applications have their own image, and the technology overcomes the user’s current working area with the benefits and entertainment track. Past a few years back, Motorola was divided into two platforms: for gadgets devices and another is for Motorola solutions, which comes under the same logo but variant colors.

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The series of Motorola smartphones are always updated as per the technology, and they change modulation according to the overtaking these days. When coming to the most upgraded version of Motorola smartphones, the Moto X Play is one of the third generations Moto designed and manufactured in a trendy outlook. There will be initial impressions of the device which fulfill the user’s requirement. The device is not yet launched in India; consumers can order it in online shopping carts. The smartphone comes with many friendly features, and it got pretty traditional in design and overall layout Give Sunlight.

The SIM and SD card slots are very different when compared with other smartphones. Here, the tray has been built on top of the device. It comes with two Nano-SIM slots on one track, and another is for a micro SD card. The device comes with a 5.5-inch full high definition display with visually bright focused light, which helps users access the outdoors. Its dimensions are 148.00×75.00×10.90, and it weighs 169 grams. Motorola Moto X Play comes with Octa-Core QUALCOMM Snapdragon 615 SOC chip and 2GB RAM, which makes the gaming technology on par with any other Moto series. The operating system designed with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop and the processing unit 1.7 GHz 64 bit. Internally, device storage is in two variants, i.e., 16 and 32 GB. But the external memory can be extended upto 128GB. Users can easily operate the whole smartphone Moto X play platforms by using a user guide If the user is new to a smartphone.


Battery Backup

The Moto X Play comes with a solid and massive 3630 mAh Li-Po battery along with turbochargers. It also supports Qualcomm Quick charge technology. Compared with other smartphones, the battery life of Moto X plays stands out the whole day even if the user is connected to the Internet or has been playing games. It’s a non removal battery enabled with all elements, which gives standard backup life to it. Playing online games or streaming videos on the Internet consumes battery in a larger way than other gadgets. Moto X Play’s standby time is perfect, and there is more to the battery in the device than just capacity, and it supports the turbo power feature.

Quality of Camera

Moto X play is the third generation smartphone that can give the user a different experience while accessing it. Mostly the camera work is very impeccable in the device. The gadget has looked to address this by having monster 21-megapixel camera sensors. This will capture the good looking quality images, which can convert the focus based on outdoor & lighting. With autofocus, which was enabled default on the device, users can view the same natural look in the captured images. The accuracy of the colors of daytime lighting reproduces the quality. Overall, the rear camera performance is very much satisfactory. When coming to the front came is a 5MP sensor that helps us to take quality selfie images. The exposure, video stabilization, tap anywhere to capture options, 4X digital zoom, night mode, auto high definition and panorama mode, and a few more are additional features in this Moto X Play.


Price and Conclusion

Motorola Moto X Play is available at an impressive and reasonable price. The smart phone user can compare this device with other devices in every element, but Moto X play will play a vital role as a user can experience quality. The actual price is based on the internal storage. If it is 16GB, the price is around Rs.18,000, and for 32GB, it is available at Rs.20,000 app. Irrespective of pricing, the other applications and software remain the same except the storage container. Moto X Play is enabled with 4G Internet connectivity, Wifi, Wi-Fi-hotspot, data cables configure to 32 bit and 64 bit PCs. When coming to the device’s cost, the Moto X Play gives value to the customer’s money and available at affordable prices.

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